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  • What is OM | Zen Garden? Is it a fitness studio or spa?
    OM (Open Mat) is our indoor space furnished with mats for you to use for fitness activity and/or stretching. So, whether you want to stretch before/after a Yoga or Jiu Jitsu call or want to bring a partner to roll and practice drills, we have you covered. Zen Garden is an outdoor bathhouse space to recover using contrast hydrotherapy. It is also a space for anyone who wants to lounge and relax in an outdoor social environment. It is a space where you can kickback alone, or with friends.
  • What is included during a garden visit?
    You can arrive 15 minutes early to access our open mat space for stretching, provided there is no class in session. Lockers are available for storing your personal items; please remember to bring a lock. Towels, slippers, and robes are exclusively included with memberships. Drop-in visitors or guests who purchased packages must bring their own towels or can rent them for $2 each. Bathing suits can be rented for $5. There is a limited supply and select sizes available. Showers are required before entering the garden; body wash and shampoo are provided. Once in the garden, your session includes access to a hot salt water spa, cold water plunge, cold shower, and an infrared sauna. Comfortable seating is also available for you to rest and recover between treatments.
  • What is the OM | Zen Garden etiquette?
    We know that being active with friends is fun, so recovering and relaxing together simply adds to the experience. There is no need to whisper, but please be mindful of other guests and their experience. It is also cool to chat with other guest if they are open to it, however this is not the place for speed-dating. We also ask that you leave your cell phones in the lockers.
  • What is the vibe?
    Weekday mornings and afternoons at OM| Zen Garden are calmer and more relaxed, while evenings and weekends are more social. Our guest create the vibe, so it is important to be attune to the energy you are adding to the space.
  • How long can we stay?
    Members and guest can stay as long as long as desired by stacking 30 minutes sessions back-to-back-to-back.
  • I only want to use the cold plunge. Can I book amenities individually?
    Our garden is set up for you to experience the recovery benefits of contrast therapy using multiple amenities, therefore we do not offer amenities a la carte. However if you would like to book a visit and use a single amenity during your visit you are welcome to do so.
  • What are the bathhouse/recovery space rules?
    No Smoking No Diving No Running/ rough play/ excessive noise No food or drinks in bathhouse area (unless noted otherwise by management) No animals in bathhouse area Please shower before entering the spas/plunges Do not use the spas/plunges if you have an infection or communicable disease. It is advised that you do not use the spas/plunges if you have any open cuts or blisters. Do not blow your nose, spit, or discharge any bodily waste in the spas/plunges. Do not use any common towels/ brushes/ drinking cups. Wash towels and swimsuits after each use Do not use the spas/plunges if you have taken drugs or consumed alcohol. Familiarize yourself with the depths, contour of the spas/plunges, and rules before entering the bathhouse area.
  • What is the dress code?
    Swimsuits are required in the garden, and athletic wear is required on the mats. Towels, slippers, and robes are exclusively included with memberships. Drop-in visitors or guests who purchased packages must bring their own towels or can rent them for $2 each. Bathing suits can be rented for $5. There is a limited supply and select sizes available.
  • Do you have bathing suits for rent?
    Yes for $5 (There is a limited supply and select sizes available) Note: Towels, slippers, and robes are exclusively included with memberships. Drop-in visitors or guests who purchased packages must bring their own towels or can rent them for $2 each.
  • Are you open in the colder months?
    Yes, we are open year-round. Our outdoor garden is equipped with infrared heaters and louvered pergolas. Btw, soaking in a spa in the snow is a must try!
  • What are your business hours and days of operation?
    Please our home page for any changes and check our calendar for events. Subscribe to received our emails for any real-time updates and notifications at Monday: 10:00am-9:00pm Tuesday: Yoga only 7:30am-11:30am & 6:00pm-7:30pm Wednesday: 6:00am-9:30pm Thursday: 7:30am-10:00pm Friday: 6:00am-10:00pm Saturday: 9:30am-10:00pm Sunday: 9:00am-2:00pm
  • Are you still open during rain or snow?
    Yes. Soaking and plunging in the rain or snow is a must try! It's like playing in the rain as a kid or relaxing in a hot tub in the Swiss Alps. Note: If there is thunder or lightning, the Zen Garden will close immediately and guest will be asked to clear the outdoor space. During any inclement weather, rescheduling of visits will be honored no questions asked.
  • Can I walk-in, or do I need to book a reservation?
    We limit the number of guest per session to ensure the privacy of the experience. It is strongly recommended to book reservations in advance. Walk-in visits may be turned away due to capacity issues.
  • I have an Om | Zen Garden membership. Do I still need to book a reservation?
    It is strongly recommended, as space is limited each session.
  • Can I re-enter?
    No, once you exit OM | Zen Garden there is no re-entry unless you are only re-entering OM or are attending a session that was booked for later in the same day.
  • Is there an age limit?
    Members and guest must me 18 or older to visit OM without a guardian, and 21 or older to enter Zen Garden. 18 to 21 must be approved by management to enter Zen Garden. 12 to 18 must be approved by management and accompanied by a legal guardian to visit any part of the facility.
  • Can we come in for a tour?
    We do not allow physical tours unless an appointment is made with management personnel.
  • What precautions do I need to know about hydrotherapy?
    Hydrotherapy is healing and relaxing when used properly. It is important to drink plenty of water before and during your visit to prevent dehydration. If you are fasting, we do not recommend using hydrotherapy. Excessive heat can cause fainting due to low blood pressure. If you are new to heat therapy we recommend starting with 10-15 minutes at a time. It is also important to cool down in between sessions, so feel free take a refreshing shower and lounge during your treatments.
  • Can I use hydrotherapy if I am pregnant?
    Generally it is advised not to use heated elements if pregnant, you do not want to raise your body temperature. Please check with your doctor for advice before coming.
  • What is the brand of your spas?
    Our cold plunges are from Plunge which use a powerful cooling, filtration, and sanitation system to give you cold, clean water during your recovery. Our hot water and normal thermal baths are in Hot Spring Spas. Hot Spring is an industry leader and boost a 100% no bypass filtration system. This mean 100% of the water in the spa is being filter all the time, ensuring the water is always clean while you soak.
  • What are the temperatures of the spas (tubs) and sauna?
    Hot Water Bath: 104°F Cold Plunge: 39°F Outdoor Shower: 45-65°F Infrared Sauna: 150-165°F
  • How do I use the amenities?
    See our intro circuit below, and remember you cannot go wrong with hot + cold therapy, so do not overthink it. You got this, have fun, and treat yourself. I. Movement Session: 10-15 mins II. Break: 5 mins III. Cold Shower: 1-3 mins IV. Break: 5 mins V. Infrared Sauna: 15-20 mins VI. Break: 5 mins VII. Plunge: 1-5 mins VIII. Break: 5 mins IX. Thermal Bath: 15-20 mins X. Cool Down: 10 mins
  • What are your cancellation and rescheduling policies?
    You can cancel or reschedule your visit any time up to 6 hours before your reservation start time through your online account. You cannot cancel or reschedule your visit after this time.
  • Running late for your visit?
    If you are running late for your scheduled visit, we cannot change the reservation time if it is less than 6-hour notice. However, you are more than welcome to come and use the remaining time you have left in your reservation.
  • When do I pay for my visit?
    Memberships and Day Passes are purchased online through our website and can be paid for with major credit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. In certain situations, you may be charged at the time of your visit where you may also pay with cash.
  • Do you take cash?
    Yes we take cash for in store payments.
  • Where can I see your site's terms and conditions?
  • What are your safety protocols?
    Safety is first at OM | Zen Garden! We are in the business of health and wellness, so we take it seriously. Employees and guests are welcomed the option to wear face mask or shields. Our facility and equipment are cleaned and sanitized after each visit. Our outdoor garden is naturally ventilated and our amenities are adequately spaced.
  • What to do if I am not feeling well?
    If you are not feeling well, please stay home. We ask that you refrain from visiting with us if you or a household member have a fever, show any other cold and flew symptoms, or you have been in contact with anyone who exhibiting symptoms.
  • How will OM | Zen Garden maintain social distance?
    Visits to our facility are exclusive with limited capacity each visit. Our facility and amenities are properly distanced and cleaned after each visit. We ask all members to adhere to the 90-minute time limit to always ensure a comfortable and safe capacity.
  • What is your spa maintenance schedule?
    Daily: We test our spas ever 2-3 hours with test strips or a digital testing kit and add a chlorine sanitizer as needed. We also rinse our filter(s) with a high-pressure garden hose each evening and add a spa shock to each spa upon closing. Weekly: 2-3 times a week we shock our spas with a chlorine shock. We spray our hot tub filters with a filter cleaner and thoroughly clean them. We also check to make sure all of spa jets are working properly. Also weekly (or as needed) we drain and clean our spas. During this time, we check for cracks and scratches that need repair, soak our filters, refill the spa with fresh water, and add the correct amounts of chemicals. Monthly (or as needed): We perform a line flush to clear the plumbing of biofilm. We also inspect our spas for any wiring or damage.
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