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Top 5 Health Food Spots In Huntington

If you’re conscious about your health and wellness then you understand that nutrition is a vital component to sustaining a healthy lifestyle.

Exercise and recovery are essential but nothing will effect your health, weight, and wellbeing more than what you put into your body each day.

Thankfully, Huntington offers some exceptional health food options that cater to health-conscious people with needs like gluten-free, vegan, organic, and more.

Since we are all about health and wellness, we rounded up the best health food spots in Huntington Village!

Check them out below and let us know your favorite in the comments!

Bee Organic

Bee Organic is one of our favorite healthy restaurants in Huntington! They are family owned, have an incredible vision, and offer amazing healthy food and drinks.

They are on a mission “to bring you the freshest organic or wild-crafted products available, promoting health and beauty, while helping to preserve our wonderful Earth for future generations.”

Everything in their kitchen is made from scratch and made to order. They have a wide selection of healthy options including an entire fresh juice bar, bowls, soups, salads, entrees, and desserts.

Bee Organic also has an incredible “Tartines” offering, which are open faced sandwiches.

Rest assured, you’re only getting the highest quality and freshest ingredients at Bee Organic.

Real Food Real People

RFRP is on a mission to help people change the way they look at food. They strive to take back control of what goes into our bodies. They replaced the machines with real people and the chemicals with real food. That’s the idea behind RFRP.

Reduce the noise and just provide real, high quality food made by real, authentic people.

Their menu is phenomenal. Juices, smoothies, bowls, eggs, toasts, wraps and sandwiches. No nonsense ingredients, just the good stuff.

We love the simplicity of RFRP, just healthy food and wholesome vibes.

Roots Juice Bar

Roots Juice Bar located on New York Ave quickly became one of our favorite healthy food spots in Huntington. In fact, we also included Roots in our Top 5 Coffee Shops in Huntington Village article too.

But, oh are they so much more than coffee and drinks. Their extensive menu includes a wide range of healthy selections including toasts, sandwiches, bowls, smoothies, juices, and breakfast options.

With a mission of bringing fast, affordable, healthy, immune boosting foods to Huntington, you cant go wrong with anything off of the Roots menu.

Try the Avo toast with The Heart Beet smoothie for a dose of healthy and delicious goodness.

The Shed

You will find a complete menu of breakfast, lunch, and dinner options at the Shed. Although you might be tempted by some of their more indulgent options (chicken and waffles and mimosas please!) you will find a great offering of healthier options including bowls, salads, and gluten free choices.

The Shed is one of our favorite Sunday brunch spots but be sure to make a reservation as this is the Sunday Funday spot!

Try the Beets & Brussels bowl with a Passion Flower cocktail!


Speaking of brunch spots, Hatch is right next door to us and you can catch us there regularly for their amazing breakfast and brunch menu!

They too offer some less than guiltless choices but also have a dedicated menu section for “not so guilty” healthy options.

We like the Peanut Butter & Overnight Oats for a protein and carb power punch!

Make a reservation to skip the wait!

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