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Cold Plunge Benefits: Why Do People Take Ice Baths?

Updated: Jul 10

Date: July 10, 2024

Author: Alex Vargas

How do you start or end your day? Whether it’s with a shot of espresso, a calming evening routine, or something in between, you might want to consider an unexpected option for your daily reset: cold water therapy.

Cold therapy can be a cold shower after a long, hot day, an ice bath after a strenuous workout, or a morning cold plunge designed to help your mind and body reset, recover, and rejuvenate! Not only can cold plunging help you hit the ground running every morning, but it can also work to improve your overall health, putting you on the path toward becoming the best person you can be.

9 Cold Plunge Benefits

You might be wondering, what are the health benefits of ice baths? Well, the idea of using cold as a tool for therapy is nothing new. Going back to 3,500 B.C.E., humans have been using ice and cold to help treat injuries for millennia. As time has progressed, humans have found more and more benefits of cold therapy, eventually leading us to the relatively new trend of cold plunges.

There are plenty of reasons to add cold water therapy to your daily routine, but some of the biggest benefits include:

the benefits of an ice bath
  1. Soothe Sore Muscles Just like throwing an ice pack on a sprained wrist, cold plunges can help reduce muscle soreness and sometimes decrease swelling and inflammation. Professional athletes and fitness buffs have been following this trend for a while, but don’t be intimidated — cold water therapy is truly for everyone. Muscle recovery.

  2. Support Your Immune System Your immune system is one of the most critical aspects of your body’s health, and cold water immersion may help improve it. Studies have shown that exposure to cold water and cold temperatures can have an “immunostimulating” effect, which is a fancy way of saying that cold therapy can help your immune response.

  3. Builds Resilience Voluntarily dipping your body into freezing water challenges you both physically and mentally, pushing your body past its comfort zone. It takes fortitude to withstand cold temperatures, even for a short time, which is why ice baths build up your resiliency .Psychological benefits of cold exposure.

  4. Boosts Energy Levels Cold plunging stimulates the release of norepinephrine, a hormone that helps regulate focus, attention, and mood. This sudden increase stimulates our sympathetic nervous system, better known as our “fight-or-flight” response, giving us a flood of energy.

  5. Boost Your Metabolism Studies have shown that cold exposure kicks your metabolic rate into high gear as your body works to keep itself warm. This can help boost your metabolism significantly.

  6. Support Weight Loss Cold plunges can help activate brown fat, which burns calories to generate heat, aiding in weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight as part of your overall health and wellness routine.

  7. Improve Your Mood and Support Mental Health Cold plunging can help improve your mood by releasing endorphins, the feel-good hormones. This can lead to a sense of invigoration and mental clarity, supporting overall mental health.

  8. Strengthen Your Hair And Skin Cold water therapy can help strengthen your hair and skin by flattening ruffled cuticles, reducing redness, and tightening pores. Hair and skin benefits.

  9. Support Better Quality Sleep Ice bathing relieves stress and improves your mood, making your sleep more peaceful. Sleep quality.

Experience the Benefits at Om and Zen Garden

Man enjoying the benefits of a cold plunge

At Om and Zen Garden in Huntington, NY, we offer the best cold plunge tubs as part of our comprehensive wellness services. Our bathhouse includes not only cold plunges but also infrared saunas, hot tubs, and cold showers. These can be combined into contrast therapy circuits to maximize benefits by alternating between hot and cold treatments, enhancing your overall wellness experience.

Contrast Therapy Circuits:

  • Involves intentional exposure to extreme temperatures to trigger the body’s natural response to stress.

  • Aids in physical rejuvenation post-workouts and recovery from injuries.

  • Significantly reduces pain and inflammation across the body.

  • Enhances metabolism and boosts the immune system.

  • Elevates energy levels, focus, and mental resilience.

Our Mission: At Om and Zen Garden, our mission is to create a tranquil sanctuary where individuals can achieve peace and relaxation. Our low-impact, low-intensity movement classes, such as yoga, Flow (a mix of yoga and Jiu Jitsu movements), Flex, and Intro to Jiu Jitsu, promote natural, mindful exercise that enhances physical well-being without overwhelming the body. We emphasize the mind-body connection, ensuring you leave each session feeling balanced and centered.

Visit Us

If you’re in Long Island or Huntington and searching for the best cold plunge near you, look no further than Om and Zen Garden. We invite you to experience the benefits of our cold plunge tubs and other wellness services. Take a moment to reset and relax with us, and discover how integrating these practices into your routine can enhance your health and well-being.

Book your session today and start your journey towards a more refreshed, rejuvenated, and peaceful you.

Contact Us: Om and Zen Garden

(631) 818-2223

278 Main Street, Huntington, NY 11743


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