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Unlimited Access to Mental Clarity

One (1) 30-min visit a day; 7 days a week

This exclusive 1 year pan is designed to give you unlimited access to rejuvenating contrast therapy. Experience the physical and mental health benefits of alternating hot and cold treatments, which have been shown to promote muscle recovery and enhance mental clarity. Hot treatments relax and soothe, while cold invigorates and revitalizes, promoting emotional balance.

We understand the importance of access to these therapies. That's why we're offering unlimited 30-min visits for 1 year, ensuring you can prioritize your recovery and mental well-being all year long. Don't miss this chance to embrace the healing power of contrast therapy for a full year.

Image by Muneeb Syed

ONLY $1375



Must Be Purchased before 11.27.23

Offer Expires 1-year after first visit

No Refunds

All sales are final


30 Visits A Month

Visits and plan limited to one person

One 30-min visit per day. 7 days a week. Visits do not accumulate or carry over.

Start Today For 1 Year of Unlimited Access 

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