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Ednesha Saulsbury, LCSW

Normalizing Conversations Surrounding Depression & Mental Health

Ednesha firmly believes that depression does not have a look, and it's time we recognize that anyone, regardless of appearance or background, can face this mental health challenge. Through her own personal journey, Ednesha has learned the importance of being open and honest about her struggles with depression. She brings her firsthand experience to the forefront, showing us that vulnerability is a strength and that by sharing our stories, we can create a more compassionate and understanding community.

Ednesha Saulsbury specializes in getting her client’s unstuck in order to clear emotional pathways to growth. Ednesha takes tremendous pride in helping woman figure out who they are by helping them cope with feelings of anxiety, depression, and self-destruction. Through this her client’s are able to communicate effectively and feel close and secure in their relationships. Ednesha has a passion for working with women to help them to understand and utilize all their feelings and expressiveness in ways that have laid dormant or underdeveloped.

Ednesha also provides couples therapy where she helps couples communicate and relate to each other in more emotionally responsive ways, in order to improve and strengthen their union. Ednesha focuses on increasing her client’s understanding of themselves, and their ability to relate to others which helps them create more meaningful, fulfilling, and sustainable relationships. Ednesha is actively supportive of non-monogamous and otherwise “alternative” forms of intimate relationships and works with partners who are exploring open relationships and polyamory. She creates an affirming, non-judgmental space for people in alternative arrangements to explore, thrive, and embrace the lives they want to lead.

Direct and warm, Ednesha takes tremendous pride in helping her clients figure out who they are. She will collaborate by offering firm yet gentle support and direction in a client-centric approach. In addition, it is her strong desire to help people of color build up self-esteem and self-worth, through facing fears and coping with what’s trapping them. She will sit with your deepest thoughts and pain and help you to make sense of them and move forward. She looks forward to supporting you through the ebb and flow of life.

Ednesha feels privileged to have the opportunity to be with client’s as they arrive at the birthplace of change. She is committed to helping client’s feel accepted,valuable, and cherished in their relationships by equipping them with the skills needed to reach the people in their life.


Ednesha Saulsbury, LCSW
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